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       Our BACKYARD

Investment with Personality


We began boarding Alpacas in 1999

We still have a few boarders on the farm but we are finding with our bigger herd and the high bio security measures we have in place, we only do boarding for our clients now... if they need this extra service.

With every sale we automatically offer FREE 4 months of our Basic Boarding.

* Basic Boarding fee's will vary on amount of alpacas in a group.
Alpacas are charged $ 30.00 per month per alpaca up to 9 alpacas   over 10 monthly rate drops to $ 25.00 per month per alpaca

* Included in the basic fee is feed,minerals, normal routine of inoculations if applicable - tasvax 8-way, ivomec, vitamin A and D, selenium and vitamin E, etc.,trimming of toes, and checking of normalities, weight, teeth, shelter.
Vet fee's are not included in the basic fee.

* Alpacas under the age of 5 months are not charged boarding fee's (while still with the dam)

* Birthing out rate is $ 50.00 per cria, which does include all of cria's vaccinations and vitamins.

* Shearing is done by Backyard (unless specified),charges are $25.00/alpaca.

* Extra rates only apply if alpaca needs extra due care e.g. vet fee's, etc

* Backyard Alpacas will also market your alpacas for you if you wish, while they are on our farm. We advertise effectively through the web, Camelid Quarterly Magazine, through our own Farm, Radio and much more.

We are proud of our facilities, covering a total of 24 acres. We have a standard 11 pens that can be broken down if needed for more separation. Our alpacas enjoy fresh water from our heated waterers, lots of room to run, the Main "Barn" (top picture) is 55' X 80' and is used all year round for the females and cria. On top of this each pen has its own three sided shelter(s), plus we have a insulated, heated barn 12 X 24 for any winter emergency.

Give us a call and let us help you take special care of your alpacas today
Jody Pellerin
yours truly Jody Pellerin