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The Investment with Personality

CODES: P: Peruvian, B: Bolivian, C: Chilean, P.S: Peruvian Suri

BYA Cara Mia Bacio- 3/4 P, 1/4 C   $ please call for price

Sire: MTL Cin-A-Man (Fawn)   Dam: BYA Mo Chuisla (Black/White)
D.O.B.:Aug 26, 2012    Color: Dk Brown w/white ring

CLAA #: 43419     ARI #:32161120
Due: Mid August 2017    Service Sire: Luthor Brew

WOW WOW WOW sums Cara all up.

She has it all, extremely high frequency crimp, fantastic density, luminous brightness, fineness in a dark color package. When combining her fleece with her perfect conformation gives us perfect alpaca.

Cara is hopefully to be bred to LUTHOR BREW from Brewster Alpacas.
This we believe will be a winning combination for a 2017 cria.

Cara Mia has been to two shows so far:


A.L.P.A.C.A Spring show - 1st Dark Juv Females, and
The judge stated that Cara would have had SUPREME if she was just a bit older.

CNASF Futurity and show - 1st Dark Juv Females, and
The Judges stated that she needed some size and would have done better....even yet

BYA Bella Donna - $ please call for price

Sire: Tell the BrewMaster   Dam:BYA Sweet Jaretta
D.O.B.:July 8, 2013    Color:Med Fawn
CLAA #: 46770     ARI #: 32161205
Due: June 2, 2017   Service Sire: Sunnyhill's Conopa's Gold

Gorgeous... absolutely Gorgeous

We purchased Gold with this breeding in mind. So we are so very excited as she was the first female to take by him. The ultrasound was so clear it was beautiful to see.

* Kizzia Image - Full Chilean    $ please call for price
Sire: Midnite    Dam: Mandia Image
D.O.B.: June 11, 2005    Micro:# 132179146a
CLAA : #: 31589    COLOR: True Black
Due: July 4, 2017    Service Sire: BYA Hungarian Rhapsody

Here is a girl that was made to be a mom. Kizzy loves cria's. Not only her own but others as well. Kizzia has thown dark brown, dark grey and black. VERY nice.

BYA Tanisha
3/8 P, 5/16 B, 1/4 C, 1/16 P.S.    $ please call for price
Sire: MTL Cin-a-man(dk fawn)   Dam:Almars Willow(d.fawn/white)
D.O.B.:Sept. 18, 2010    Color: Brown/White
CLAA #: 40597     ARI #: 31742498
Due: July 15, 2013    Service Sire: BYA Hungarian Rhapsody

Tanisha is a spectacular little girl.. she is adorable, fine, lustrous, with a dense fleece with a very soft handle. She is well mannered and shows well in the ring.

Shown 2012
A.L.P.A.C.A. April 1st
SHOWN 2011:
Farm FAir November 1st our of 5
A.L.P.A.C.A. April 3rd out of 5

BYA Fantasia- 1/4 P, 3/4 C    $ please call for price

Sire:BYA Hungarian Rapsody (Fawn)   Dam: WET Ebony (Black)
D.O.B.:August 21, 2010    Color: Fawn
CLAA #: 40598     ARI #:31742122
Due: July 2013    Service Sire: Amber Cheechako

Oh so soft This gal is very very soft. Her fleece is fawn with a hint of black. She is gorgeous. We bred her to Amber Cheechako as we felt this combination will be stunning, and WOW we were right. Check out BYA Beathooven under males... Fanta does have black in her background...... and it comes through

BYA Queen Latifah-
3/8 P, 1/2 C, 1/16P.S, 1/16 B   $ please call for price

Sire: MTL Cin-a-Man(dk fawn)   Dam: Ava MME Juaila Lana (fawn)
D.O.B.:June 18, 2009    Color: True Black w/white crown
CLAA #: 38814    ARI #:
Due: August 3, 2017    Service Sire: BYA Hungarian Rhapsody

This is one of my favorite girls. She comes from my very first mom I ever owned. Latifah has it all. Style, poise, fine fleece, correct conformation, She is spectacular.

Latifah has out done herself giving birth to a gorgeous bay black little female with finess, crimp and lots of Sass from an out breeding to Amber Cheechako. We named her Nefertiti Aura.

Shown In
A.L.P.A.C.A spring show - 2 out of 6
Keystone Classic - 3rd
A.L.P.A.C.A spring show 1st place

BYA Amara-
   Please call for price

Sire: BYA Hungarian Rhapsody(fawn)   Dam: Kizzia(Black)
D.O.B.:June 11, 2013    Color: Bay Black
CLAA #:46665     ARI #:
Due: Early August 2017    Service Sire: Luxor Brew

Shown In

BYA Ring Ranch Vino Noire
- 5/8 C, 3/8 P
   $ please call for price
Sire: Ring Ranch Rambo(Black)   Dam: Gabriella 2 (fawn)
D.O.B.:July 12, 2008    Color: True Black
CLAA #: 37749    ARI #: 30962361
Due:    Service Sire:

Vino has been one of the favorites since she was born. From day one she has been friendly with a very dense fine handled fleece, this girl is a winning combination.
Vino is co-owned with Ring Ranch Alpacas and she is located on their farm. Give them a call to view her she is spectacular.

Shown In
A.L.P.A.C.A spring show 4th place
Keystone Alpaca show 4th place
Keystone Classic - 3rd place

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