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The Investment with Personality

CODES: P: Peruvian, B: Bolivian, C: Chilean, P.S: Peruvian Suri

BYA Tushtah - 8/16 P, 1/8 B, 1/16 C $SOLD 2013
Sire: BYA Vishnu (white)   Dam:WFF Cossette (white)
D.O.B.:August 06, 2012,    Color: White
CLAA #: N/A     ARI #: N/A
Due: N/A   Service Sire: N/A

Tushy is a little doll. She clucks when she comes up to and lifts her tail. When she looks at you with her big dark eyes.... you'll melt


Jinja Brew - 1/2 P, 1/16 B, 7/16 C $SOLD 2013
Sire: Tell the Brewmaster (Brown)   Dam:Subio' a Zarina Gris (Grey)
D.O.B.:August 11, 2012,    Color: Brown
CLAA #: N/A     ARI #: N/A
Due: N/A   Service Sire: N/A


*BYA Naudia - 7/8 P, 1/8 C    $SOLD 2012
Sire: MMR Destini's Hatrick(beige)   Dam:BYA La Luna(white)
D.O.B.:August 11, 2009    Color: lt fawn
CLAA #: 38812     ARI #: 31742450
Due:    Service Sire:

Here is a very sweet quite girl. She has a good fleece with a very long staple length. Nadiya's coloring is almost a peachy color.

* Meisha -Full Chilean     $SOLD 2012
Sire: Ava Leanca Rico    Dam: Nyru
D.O.B.: October 11, 1998    Color: Dark Brown
CLAA #: 16957     ARI #: 825435
Due:    Service Sire:

Dark reddish Brown fibre, pretty face and very straight bone structure.

*BYA La Luna -   $SOLD 2012
Sire: Orlando(white)   Dam:Jassmina (fawn)
D.O.B.:July 8, 2005    Color: white
CLAA #: 31567     ARI #: 1290141
Due:    Service Sire:

Luna is a very easy keeper. As she is a tad bit overweight.

She has a very gentle soul.

*BYA Verinea - 1/2 P, 1/2 C   $SOLD 2012
Sire: MMR Destini's Hatrick(beige)   Dam:Laverne ( beige)
D.O.B.:July 5, 2007    Color: Beige
CLAA #: 35689     ARI #: 30962385
Due:    Service Sire:

Verinea has one of the softest fleeces on our farm. And even after having crias she is still holding her finness. Verinea is still a good breeder but when she was growing up she had a problem with one of her toes making it look like she has a bent leg.... but it is actually her toe ... we have vet certification of this and it is not hereditary.
Shown 2008: Keystone Classic recieved 2nd out of 8

*BYA Lila Blanca - 3/8 P, 1/16 B, 1/16 P.S., 1/2 C
Sire: MTL Cinaman(fawn)   Dam:Marys little lamb (fawn)
D.O.B.:June 30, 2009    Color: white
CLAA #: N/A     ARI #: N/A
Due:    Service Sire:

SOLD 2012

*WFF Cossette - Full P,   $ 800.00
Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Giotto(white)   Dam:WFF Ovation(white)
D.O.B.:June 18, 2008    Color: White
CLAA #: N/A     ARI #: N/A
Due: open til 2013   Service Sire: had a cria 2012

Cossette is a super quiet little girl. Her fleece is dense with good crimp characteristics. She is a SUPER mom and her first little cria (2012)... a girl..is super cute. We named her Tushtah which means one who is contented with a very simple offering.

La Contessa - 1/2 P, 1/4 B, 1/4 C   $SOLD 2012
Sire: Aztec Mallki(white)   Dam:ALMARS WILLOW (fawn)
D.O.B.:June 10, 2005    Color: Fawn
CLAA #: 31563     ARI #: 1300765
Due:    Service Sire:

Tessa is a sweetheart. Her nickname is Mogwai as she is just as cute as the original Mogwai. Tessa is a fibre making machine. She is super dense, with extreme crimp and still has a nice soft hand. Tessa is being sold as a Fibre girl as she is a little small to have cria's. We did have one cria from her ... who is gorgeous but is smaller than her mom, so we felt this is not a combination we wished to breed anymore.

BYA Sandra Dee- 5/8 P, 1/4 B, 1/8 C    $ 800.00.00

Sire:MTL Cin-a-Man (Fawn)   Dam: La Contessa (Fawn)
D.O.B.:Sept 11, 2011    Color: Fawn
CLAA #: N/A     ARI #:N/A

Sandra Dee is a perfectly proportioned alpaca.... for her size, and is a fleece growing machine. check out her fibre stats

She is very small in size. (I cannot stress this enough) She looks like a 6 month old cria..... In the first picture you can see her this was taken Sept 7 2010 and the one she is playing with is a 2.5 month old cria

She is adorable

We will NOT be selling her has a breeding female as we believe she is too small

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