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The Investment with Personality

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all our clients from over the years.

These are just a listing of a few over the years. If we have missed you,
please bring it to our attention as we would like you to be placed on this page.

Tell the Brewmaster - 3/4 P, 1/8 B, 1/8 C   

Sire: NGG Lionel (White)   Dam: Opal Brew (Med Fawn)
D.O.B.: May 12, 2007    Passed fall 2015
CLAA #: 35118     ARI #: 30825109

This is a fantastic male. Not only does he have the fleece , the body , the heritage... he also has the personality.

Brewmaster was not sold but passed away the fall of 2015 and he deserved to still be honored on our website

2009 A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring show 2nd out of 6
2009 Manitoba Keystone Classic 3rd out of 9
2010 Manitoba Keystone Classic 2nd out of 4

2010 Gorgeous little dark brown girl
2011 A gorgeous fawn male and a gorgeous fawn female.

2012 Gorgeous Brown Male, and a rose grey Female

MMR Destini's Hatrick

CLAA #: 26221     ARI #: 841811
Sire: Coyo Destini    Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Sicuani
D.O.B. - June 1, 2002    Passed early winter 2015

Hatrick has blessed us with so many cria's (over 30). All in solid colors varying from a couple of whites to many fawns and dark browns, with a total of 19 of them being girls.

This was one of my most favorite animals ever. I still remember the first time I saw Hatrick.. It was a cria picture on Eslakes website and it was love at first site. I knew I had to have him. I emailed and phoned Daniel and Barb, and finally they caved. I remember being soo happy. Hatrick I know loved me back as he always would come to the gate and was so patient for me.... LOL not for anyone else though

full fleece 2004    
full fleece 2004

  after shearing 2003

BYA Sweet Jaretta - 3/4 P, 1/4 C    Passed Away Sadly :(
Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William (White)   Dam:BYA Tuskadara(Beige)
D.O.B.:June 16, 2008    Color: Beige
CLAA #: 37750     ARI #:30962439
Due: July 15, 2013    Service Sire: Tell the Brew Master

Jaretta is a very well put together female. Excellent fleece characteristics, perfectly body proportion and the genetics standing behind her.

Jaretta has been shown:

A.L.P.A.C.A Spring show 3rd
Keystone Alpaca Classic 1st
CNASF Futurity 4th
Keystone Alpaca Classic - Brandon MB - 4th
Alpaca Odessy - Edmonton AB - 1st

BYA Jozefina - 3/8 P, 5/16 B, 5/16 C   $ Sold
Sire: Tell the Brew Master(Fawn)   Dam:Tiger Lily Gabriella Ice(Fawn)
D.O.B.:    Color: Med Fawn/white
CLAA #: In Process    ARI #: In Process
Due: N/A    Service Sire: N/A

What a little sweetheart. She is sure to melt your heart. Crimp that is unmatched. Lustre that has to been seen to be appreciated, and a personality that is unmatched

Subio'a Zarina Gris - 3/4 C, 1/4 P    SOLD

Sire: Hujo De Guellermo(Dk Brown)   Dam:White Rose (White)
D.O.B.:July 3, 2005    Color: Med Silver Grey
CLAA #: 31614 - 75 %     ARI #:N/A
Due: Left open till 2013   Service Sire: Had cria G.C. 2012

Zar has a very soft handled fleece that has good characteristics. She is actually owned by one of our boarders Rona and Chad Dalke. They are only offering her for sale as they have had to move to Southern Alberta and can no longer take care of them themselves. Zarina has had 3 cria's to date that have all had excellent fleece's. Rona has had no problems selling Zarina's cria's.

Zarina's 2012 cria is a fantastic Dark Fawn with a touch of Grey to her. AWEsome. We named her Jinja Brew. Jinja is co-owned with Backyard Alpacas

Meisha, Shirlee, Contessa, La Luna, Verinea, Nadiya, Vishnu, Doc, Johnathon, and Keshevah

SOLD 2012

BYA Lonnie's Anna Banana-man - 3/8 P, 1/16 P.S, 1/16 B, 1/2 C

Sire: MTL Cinaman (fawn)   Dam:Nyru (dk brown)
D.O.B.:July 16, 2008    Color: White
CLAA #: 37751    ARI #: 30962446
Due: May 7, 2012   Service Sire: BYA Vishnu

SOLD 2012

Captain Barbosa & BYA Krishna

Awesome pick Sharon and Travis Ulrich They are wonderful boys and we know you will give them a great home as we can see in the pictures you sent us

SOLD 2011
BYA Tomega

Thank you to Alice on your purchase of Tomega. You have an awesome boy there

SOLD 2011
BYA Shadow & BYA Potsy & BYA Maxwell Smart

Thank you to Linda and family.

SOLD 2011

BYA Isabella & cria -Ginja

Thank you Cheryl Jane Olesen on your purchase of Isabella and her cria.

SOLD 2010

BYA Neleh

CLAA:38810    ARI: 31742207-
Sire:RGA Torquie(Fawn)    Dam:Shirlee(Dk Brown)
D.O.B.:May 30, 2002    Color:Fawn

Thank you Nancy Boulet... Neleh is a real sweetie

SOLD 2010

Sandy's Cocoa

CLAA:31568    ARI: N/A-
Sire:Hijo De Guellermo(Dk brown)    Dam:Buttons 3(Med Fawn)
D.O.B.:June 16 2005    Color:Dk Brown

Thank you Nancy Boulet... Happy Spinning

SOLD 2010
BYA Georgio

Sire:MMR Destini's Hatrick(Beige)    Dam:Laverne (Beige)
D.O.B.:Sept 10, 2009    Color:Fawn

Thank you Dwayne and Kelly Heck I know they will love it at your farm

SOLD 2010

BYA Snoop Dog

Sire:BYA Bacardi Black(Black)    Dam:Shirlee (DK Brown)
D.O.B.:July 6, 2009    Color:black

Thank you Dwayne and Kelly Heck

SOLD 2010
BYA Balzac

Sire:BYA Bacardi Black(Black)    Dam:Mary (White)
D.O.B.:June 2, 2009    Color:Black

Thank you Dwayne and Kelly Heck

SOLD 2010
BYA Mandia Image and Benita

Thank you Gary and Maria Frey of Alpen Rose Alpacas.

SOLD 2009

BYA Bacardi's Black

(CLRC/ARI registered)    Breeding Fee: $2000.00
Co-owned with Ring Ranch Alpacas- Sask

Sire: CPeruvian Cherokee (dark brown)  Dam: Shirlee (med brown)

Bacardi is a gorgeous black male with a small spot of white on the left side of his jaw that actually adds to his look of supreme. He has Extreme fine black fleece, with all the characteristics we are looking for as well as perfect conformation which puts Bacardi in a class of his own.

Thank you to Barry and Shirley Charters of Wilderness Alpacas on your purchase of Bacardi Price $
SOLD 2009
Bacardi in 2004
BYA Matilda

Thank you for your purchase Rona and Chad Dalke

SOLD 2009
Bacardi in 2004
Walters Soloman

ARI:30905771    CLAA: 38334
Sire:MTL Cinaman(DK Fawn)    Dam:Kizzia Image (Black)
D.O.B.:July 5, 2008    Color:Brown/black

Congratulations on your purchase Rona and Chad

SOLD 2009
BYA Deja Vue

Thank you to Tracy and Jamie Banner of Sumaq Alpacas in Kelowna B.C. on your purchase of Deja Vue PRICE $
SOLD 2008

Sunny Hills Skor

ARI: #30020805    CLAA: 31428
Sire: Pokemon Brew (Med Brown)    Dam: DEA Karmels Kandy (White)
D.O.B.: May 5, 2005     Color: Med Brown/grey

When you first look at Skor your first impression is his body structure. It is perfect and huge. Big boned legs with a perfect strong muzzle. Very impressive.
Multiple reserve and Grand color champion.

Thank you to Leslie of Canadian Comfort Alpacas Skor is co-owned with AOBA Judge Tracy Riopel of Rio Grand Alpacas

SOLD 2008

BYA Aleta

Thank you to Cheryl Jane Olesen of Edmonton Alberta on your purchase of Aleta PRICE $
SOLD 2008
BYA Luna's Lisa

Congrat's to David Sawyer of International Alpacas of Canada on your purchase of Lisa.

SOLD 2008

Sire: Hatrick(l fawn)   Dam: Mandia Image (D.Grey)
D.O.B.: June 13, 2006   Color: L. Brown

Jomax is just a little fella as yet. His fleece is extremely dense, full of crimp and character. His size is why we have chosen to place him as a fibre male as he is very correct he is also very short.

His fleece sample at the age of 11 months from Yokum McColl: micron:17.6, SD:3.8, CV:21.6%, 0.9>30% Awesome fleece

SOLD 2008

BYA Olah

Thank you to Todd and Christine Burton of Burton Alpacas in Manitoba on your purchase of Olah PRICE $
SOLD 2008


Sire: Bacardi(T.black)   Dam:Chara (Med Brown)
D.O.B.: June 17, 2004    Color: White

Received 4th at Alpaca Fest in the Juvenile Fleece Composite show in 2005. Nice handle fleece with good average crimp and character. Very mellow little boy.
SOLD 2007


(CLRC/ARI registered)   Breeding Fee: $2500.00
Sire: Aztec Avalanche   Dam: PPPeruvian Snappy
D.O.B. - June 19, 2002    Color: White

A stunning Hemingway grandson. Avatar has proven himself without a doubt at the shows in 2003 & 2004. Proving that all judges notice his superiority. Farm Fair in Edmonton 2003 - Received 1st in class of white yearling males. Grand Champion of all colors of yearling males, then to round it all out SUPREME of all males in all ages In 2004 we received a total of 3- 1st place's, 1 Reserve and 2 Grand Champions. Finishing our seasons was 2005 CABA fleece show ... of course 1st place

Price $
SOLD 2006

Supreme Champion Avatar with John,Tracy and Jody at Farm Fair International 2003
Grand Champ 2004
BYA Zsa Zsa Darlin and BYA Belshazzar

Barbara Patnaude of Maine U.S.A thank you so much on your purchase of these two lovely alpacas PRICE $
SOLD 2006

Thank you to Alpacas of Canada on your purchase of Beth PRICE $
SOLD 2005
BYA Casa Blanca

Thank you to Ileen and Wendle Miller
SOLD 2005
Torq's Silver Mona Lisa

Thank you to Dr. Jeff Goldman & Dr. Jayne Buchen on your purchase of Beth PRICE $
SOLD 2005
BP Curacao   (rose grey)

Sire: Torquie ( med fawn)     Dam: Silvermist ( med Grey)
D.O.B.: August 2, 2003

Rose grey fleece that is super fine, with a handle that is amazing, crimp is consistent throughout his fleece.

Thank You to Deryl and Bernie Ring I know you will give him a great home

Price $
SOLD 2004

Ebert Package

Congrat's Scott and Sheri Ebert on your package purchase of 9 alpacas. I know they will have a excellent home with you

SOLD 2004

SOLD 2004
SOLD 2003

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