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Halters, leads, toe nail trimmers and general care items for camelids
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Exotic Accessories include a variety of leads and halters

Standard Halters
Standard nose piece for Alpaca or Llama
Black: weanling or yearling

Exotic Accessories include a variety of leads and halters

Nylon Figure 8 Halters
Nose piece crosses under chin, great for growing animals.

Black: weanling / Red or Blue: cria
Fixed Ring Halters
Ring under the chin is sewn in so it will not slide.
Perfect halter for training

Black: Xlarge, large and yearling
2 Way Adjustable Halters
Adjusts at Nose and Neck with slides.

Black: Xlarge
Zephry Halters
Black, adjustable on nose and head, these are one of the ultimate brands as they fit so much better.

Yearling, large and Xlarge
Thin Halters
Perfect for in the Show Ring the very thin material making it easy on the alpaca in the show ring, and looks nicer to.

Black; yearling and weanling
Standard Leather Halters
Black soft Leather 5/8" thick. Great halter for on showing gives you that little extra special something. Standard nose piece.

Yearling size only

Nylon Leads
Flat nylon, 6' lengths comes in Black

Exotic Accessories include a variety of leads and halters
$ 8.00
Cotton Leads
Round , Black , 6' leads
$ 9.00
Thin Line Leads
To match your thin line halter. Perfect for showing
Tandem Leads

Perfect for moving two alpacas at the same time
Triple Leads

Perfect for moving three alpacas at the same time
Leather Leads

5-6' soft black or brown leather to match your leather halter
Beaded Show Entry Number Holder

Beaded chain with clips

Show number holders
$ 4.00
Rope Show Entry Number Holder

Black, green or red mixed with gold or black leather rope with clips

Show number holders
$ 6.00
Fancy Show Entry Number Holder

Silver or pewter colored chain with clips

Show number holders
$ 10.00
Feed Bags

Assorted colors Approx 24" x 36". Adjustable straps
Pooper Scoopers and Feed bags
$ 30.00 each
Show Nets

Great for keeping off the straw before a show. Prices start at
$ 30.00
Toe Nail Clippers - Orange Handled

Blades can be sharpened
Toe nail clippers and Stethoscope
$ 32.00 each
Camelid Coats with Polar Fleece Lining
Assorted Colors:
Large Adult
X Large (Llama)
$ 32.00
$ 35.00
$ 45.00
$ 75.00
$ 80.00
$ 95.00
Hand Shears
3 1/2 IN shears
5 1/2 IN shears
shear sharpeners
$ 45.00
$ 45.00
$ 13.00
I'm for Sale Bandana
Deep red or Blue colors. Fit nicely around the neck for all to see
$ 12.95

Cria Hernia Belts
Custom made for even the smallest of cria's. Don't risk your cria lives without one.

$ 49.95 each
Maxi Bac - 80 cc oral tube
Birth, Travel, stressed, or scours, EMAIL or call for more info
$ 21.95 each

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